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Welcome to Least Cost Canvas & OCDMarine

We specialize in helping San Francisco Bay Area boat owners maintain their canvas, upholstery and windows one panel at a time. Give us a call or send us a picture and we will give you a quote.


If you need a major restoration of enclosures, dodgers, biminis, etc., our Obsessive Canvas Design division, can handle all of your large and high end project needs.


What We’re All About

Our Story

Least Cost Canvas is quickly becoming an integral part of the San Francisco Bay Area boater's maintenance plan. What started out as a necessity working on our own boats, has now become our passion and we're delighted to share it with you. We’re proud to help owners take pride in their boats again by making it an easy decision to renew that yellow window, or fix that zipper, or cover that winch, etc. Our love for the technical challenge of sewing and keeping boats in bristol condition drives what we do.

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What We Do

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Most boat owners are like us. They have an older boat that they love to tinker with and spend time on, but can't justify an 'open check book' policy of attending to every needed item. If keeping it fresh looking only requires a small repair or adjustment, we won't try and sell you more than is really required. 


We love tackling a good upholstery project. Have some worn out cockpit cushions? How about the settee, getting a little stale? Nothing freshens up an older boat more than nicely restored upholstery. Also:

- Pillows
- Bed covers

- Fabric trim
- Wall panels
- And sew on... ;-)

We got you covered!

Today's Sunbrella™ acrylic type fabrics are incredibly sun fast. It's the best way to keep winches, sails, tiller handles, hatches, consoles, etc.... protected and beautiful. A small investment up front in a covering can save thousands downstream. We also restore covers for outboards, fenders, dinghies, you name it.

- Fender covers
- Windshield Covers
- Outboard Covers
- Barbecue covers
- Sail covers
- Console covers
- Surprise us

For inquiries regarding any services you see on our site, or for more information regarding custom orders, please contact us.

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